Limited Edition


Two great bits of news. The first is my EP Happiness + Victory has been included in the latest ZINE from Artist Best One available in London’s b store on Savile Row.

Last night saw the launch of the Fanzine/Art journal 13 and installation within the store. Using imagery and artwork from the zine, alongside his latest collage work, and was also mentioned on 6 Music today (nice one!). It’s on until March 2nd.

Copies are £15 and extremely limited so don’t miss out!

The mix of work also includes contributions including photographic images from established photographers, RETTS WOOD, NEIL CHESTER and TOMMY ROBINSON, illustrations from REY GAUTIER and BEN ROBINSON, an exclusive piece of artwork from MEHRNOOSH KHADIVI & CAROLINE SMITHSON of art collective CRAFTWORK and drawings by SAHAR GHANBARI. 

b Store, 24a Savile Row, London.

LISTENPlease tune in to BBC Southern Counties on Sunday evening. Phil Jackson has selected to play ‘The Brave Favour The Sea’ as part of the weekly demo panel, which will take place on his popular show ‘South:Live’ this coming Sunday (Feb 8th) on both BBC Southern Counties Radio and BBC Radio Solent. Full details below!

It’s a great opportunity and I appreciate your participation – so tune in and sing along… ‘and the brave .. favour the sea… but it’s toooooo cold for me….’

7-9pm Sunday evening

BBC Southern Counties Radio and BBC Radio Solent Listen in Brighton on 95.3 FM Listen in Sussex & Surrey 104-104.8 FM 

Listen in Solent & Hampshire on 96.1 FM Listen in Dorset on 103.8 FM 

Listen on-line

I have lots more to tell. Soon. Very. Very. Soon.

Thanks for looking. And listening… X

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