Looking back

I’m not one of life’s whingers, I subscribe to a neat little motto GOWI. Get on with It! So I’m poorly, so what? More opportunity to write and post. My sense of smell is returning and the scent of pine from the blinged-up tree is a welcome aroma. I’m alive!

I’m already thinking back over the year – it’s not over yet! There have been some real milestones along the way. I hope your year has provided at least as many highs as lows and that you too feel you have grown in some way. After all, aren’t we all hoping to improve, evolve, to betterment? To be better people, to realise our potential?

Here are some initial thoughts on achievements and highlights of 2009.

1 Playing the Secret Garden Party festival in the summer
2 Launching my own Writing Workshop called Pushing Pen
3 Playing at the Brighton Fringe Festival in the sunshine
4 Playing the BBC Live Lounge and interview for BBC Sussex
5 Airplay in Canada and USA (hello world!)
6 My first PRS payment – yay!
7 New songs in the making for the album
8 Learning Sanskrit, it’s beautiful
9 India – I loved it and want to return soon
10 NYC wonderful wonderful wonderful as always

1 Terry Wogan leaving breakfast radio

I can’t think of anything else.
I’ll miss Sir Terry and Pause for Thought.

One comment

  1. In a word……… BRILLIANT

    Felicitations kindred spirit

    Much love

    Tel x

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