X Marks the Spot

It’s been a fantastic week of new acquaintances, new opportunities and falling on my arse in public. Euston Station concourse to be precise. Yes, turns out my suede moccasin boots really are made for the desert. Smooth soles you could skate away on. Not best matched to wet and oily conditions. I managed quite a dramatic display, which ended with my sodden body lying on an oily wet patch outside a closed burger booth. I hit my head, bruised my ego and had to spend the entire day in wet stained clothes. Ouch. The boots are fine.

I was in London reviewing The Landmark Forum. I first completed the Forum in the same building a lifetime ago, around 2000. Landmark Education is a worldwide learning system to enable you to be free of the past and have anything for yourself and your life. The strapline is ‘Live a Life You Love’. I liked the sound of that, and still like it now. Lots has shifted since then and because of it too. I was amazed at how much of the methodology I recalled and had been using. Distinctions, Rackets, Integrity and Commitment. All familiar language but now I had additional experience having used it for a decade. So, the fall at Euston station? It’s just what happened. It didn’t mean anything. No story, no drama. That’s Distinction!

Today I’ve been to my life drawing class. Our model was ‘Emma’. Tall and elegant with superb red hair. It is dyed. My figures look very Modigliani ‘slash’ Matisse – dark outlines very graphic and occasionally abstract. I’m not sure ‘abstraction’ is really the point but I like it. I enjoy the hour of utter concentration, escapism and focus. It is a direct contrast to my other more inward work of writing and outward expression of performing.

I played at The Bull again on Sunday. The new PA makes my life E.A.S.Y. It was packed out. Great stuff. The new website went LIVE (hoorah! please check it out). I’ve had meetings and discussions about shooting videos and playing in the USA – best not to mix those two up. I also managed to ‘do’ some Open Houses. I chose the Patcham Trail and discovered some lovely treasures along the way. For those who don’t know, Artists Open Houses are part of Brighton’s colourful festival fabric. The chance to snoop legitimately every weekend of May with the added bonus of finding great art/fashion/jewellery etc that Primark don’t currently mass-produce. There’s often tea and cake too. Ticks all the right boxes for me.

Off to vote soon. I’ve made up my mind. It was fairly easy actually. Mine’s a tactical vote and we’ll see if it pays off. Mr T has been for a run now his ‘lungs are on fire’. We discussed our guilty pleasures in music, his is Skunk Anansie, mine is Luther Vandross. I know. Over the years it’s amazing what we manage to hide. Living together is the perfect microcosm for examining the darkest corners of our lives, the habits and the habitual. It’s easy to see why some choose to live alone. Much easier to keep that stuff well and truly hidden. Still, he has no idea I write a blog.

Landmark courses, methodology, info and more

Open house information, routes, features and links to artists

Specialist shoes and accessories, check out Amy Phipps collars – stunning

Delightful papercut work, a well established style

Lush landscapes captured through drawing, reworked into prints

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