Album. Progress. Check.

Hello Folks. It’s been a long time! I wonder how many Blog entries start with an Apology? SORRY.
There, now let’s begin on the fine reasons for my infrequent correspondence. Firstly I’ve been working on material for the album, and that’s a funny old business. Not linear at all. There’s a dance of distraction and diffusion of energy and so it becomes unnecessarily drawn out. Or does it? Everything in life seems to have its ‘time’. Allegedly that time is NOW. There is momentum and pace, which helps carry the whole thing along from desire to completion. (Please quote me on this if I let it drag out into 2012…)

All things align. I have songs, studio time, awesome musicians and a great environment in which to capture the beauty of music made with good intention and heart. I just think the whole process will be a JOY.

Speaking of JOY – I’ve been asked to support the tremendously talented Seth Lakeman Trio in March at the Ropetackle, Shoreham UK. This is a great opportunity and I’m super excited about it! I’ll be playing solo with Cellist Siriol Hughes-Jones. BTW it’s SOLD OUT !

Meanwhile, the fabulous Queens of the USA ‘LadyLake’ have been working their butts off (do you like that ladies?) doing what they do best – promoting music they care about. Thankfully for me – they deem my musical contribution worthy and have relentlessly helped with my Chart Success over the last six months – ensuring my music is heard – which is much appreciated. (Currently #5 Folk in Brighton). This is in addition to the Tour planning, press, exposure and extensive airplay – which blows my mind. This now includes: Canada, Australia, France and all over North America.

So far the plan is: Album launch will kick things off in the UK in the Summer followed by the NE US Tour which includes NYC, CT, Philly, NJ and ends in Boston. The final show will be the wonderful Chakra Festival in October. More details coming soon. Perhaps that’s enough for now.

Rest assured when things are quiet on the blogging front, there’s plenty happening backstage.

Stay Light

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