Fear. Resistance and other annoyances.

Is it any wonder that I barely sleep? My head is a whirl 24 hours of every day. What I recognise is Fear. It’s scary to do what you love. It’s the unknown. I might fail. Failure is a can of worms. Mostly it comes down to expectation and other illusions. What really matters to me is to pursue my calling, my dream. Ironic that I can’t sleep… So it will come as no surprise that there is a sleep-themed track on the album which is sounding lush. Resistance is another barrier to sabotaging that which I want to do and yet resist: writing, gigging, recording. However scheduling these things in, means I have to over come both fear and resistance in order to fulfill my duty – to serve the song, honor my voice and my gifts. When I don’t do this – it hurts more.

So today, it is my honor to be sharing a song with community singing group Soulful Singing with the wonderful Mahasukha, on the recording You Are My Love. It is a devotional celebration of the Inner World.

Then later I’ll play live at The Bull for friends, family and those I haven’t yet met.
This is commitment. This is a path of sorts. This is my life.
This is overcoming that which hinders.


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