Good follows bad and so it goes on…

So the times are a-changing. Bob said it best. Firstly I received a letter from the parking officer – they let me off my parking ticket! Amazing what a friendly but stern letter can generate. Either way I am so grateful. It’s £50 for the US fund! Friends are now getting in touch to offer couches, floors and beds and ideas of where to stay etc. which is fantastic. It’s starting to feel real.

Yesterday was a great day. It began with fear and turned around into something of such beauty and wonder I felt hugely blessed.

In the morning I set off to the familiar studio in Hove where I have spent so much time of late (my second home). There, awaiting and spilling out of the room – members of the Soulful Singing Group run by Mahasukha. What a group! What a vibration! The joy of singing together must not be forgotten, yet culturally – the tradition is diminishing. Let’s bring it back! My vision for the vocal parts were that of Mantra, repeating the lines, singing ‘in the round’. It worked a treat. I made some new friends and left feeling the track would be all the richer for it.

Then later at The Bull gig – some more friendly faces! Great support and energy. A lovely warm crowd and a joy to be part of it all. Special thanks to Sam Batt for her performance, Peter Williams for snapping away, Nelson Day for his sensitive guitarwork and Katy Holford for coming from Cumbria (she wins best groupie every time)!

Next month Nelson will be running the night and playing with Gruff (Oct 2nd).
I’ll be back for the 6th November show. 7-9pm

Til next time…

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