Rain and Pain.

Here are another two words ‘trapped nerve’. Not a great start to the day. The rain pounded down all night long. No sleep. I couldn’t move. The right side in spasm. Oh timing! I’m off to see the osteopath shortly. Anyway, this is an ongoing injury one I need to manage better. Softening the blow, I’m playing a selection of mastered tracks from yesterday’s session, forming my preview promo. It’s phenomenal to hear all the work, the detail, the life in the tracks, captured at last. I can’t wait to share them.

Here are the titles:

Oh The Words
I Can’t Sleep
Emerald Eyes
You Are My Love

There’s still more to do of course. But, let’s not rush eh?
Here’s hoping I’m fixed in time for my flight. I don’t fancy the inflatable pillow much…


  1. lisa vonh · · Reply

    Ouch! Pain is baaaaad 😦
    I have pain too, but its only the moon messing with me- that and the emotional upsurge of my children going back to school today. My baby goes full time, my 2nd is in her last year of infants, no.3 started high school and no.4 went up to year 8!!!! And all that in torrential rain and howling gales! Lol! I want to go back to the yurt…..! X
    Hope your pain is magically fixed by the osteo – looking forward to hearing more tracks- the last one was beauuuuutiful πŸ™‚ namaste my friend, til next time…… Lisa x

  2. Wow Lisa. That puts things in perspective! Love to all your little ones xx I feel much better (crack/click/pummel) ;-D and hope you do too. Keep the music and beauty flowing. You are a true goddess! X

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