Be Brave. Decide.

It’s interesting to observe how much time and energy is wasted on indecision. We tie ourselves in knots over the ifs and buts and in the end nothing has changed. A decision has yet to be made. So my deliberation is over. It’s NYC. This Friday! Once I pressed BOOK IT – I felt huge relief.

The modern day artist has a lot to think about, it’s not all penning songs you know! That is clearly the best bit. Recording is also fun. Playing to an attentive audience is also pretty cool. But rest assured the infrastructure to keeping it all going is utter madness. It’s no wonder I end up at the emergency osteopaths begging for a miracle.

Still, it’s worth remembering that decisions are also opportunities. What we say yes to and what we turn down may literally be the very thing that switches a path, clarifies a purpose or secures a destiny. So, whatever you are deliberating over (do tell?) just choose, the relief is like honey, and it may just change your life.

Deciding is also an indication of courage. Bravery should always be rewarded.
And so: Congratulations to PJ Harvey for her second Mercury Prize for her album ‘Let England Shake’. She is a true pioneer and deserves to be rewarded for her bravery.

Full details and other nominations here:

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