Packing is a Trip.

The trip to NYC is imminent. The bag is empty! My style of packing for any trip is always the same. At the very last minute a selection of *random* items are thrown into the case, wedged with the toiletry bag (which is always huge?!) and then I zip up and await arrival to see the finalé – the opening of the bag! Over the years there have been very random things and very useful things. Flipflops for Morecambe, rain mac for Jersey, ten vest tops (for a weekend trip)… it’s all part of the fun. However, at present I have no idea where the unpacking will take place as none of my ‘vacation rentals’ have replied yet. Yikes!

Determining what is excitement and what is concern is a new game I’m playing. There’s plenty of both going on right now. Perhaps this led me in some part to write Restlessness, Do You Feel It Too? That, and my observations of all that is adding to the rising panic (housing, money, discontent, disenchantment). I know you feel it.

Right, back to the business of the day. I need to get some dollars and chocolate for all of my friends in the US as they assure me their version is rubbish. Then the packing can commence.

Friends / Fans get in touch if you are in NYC / NJ / CT / BOSTON / MAINE or anywhere inbetween… I have good chocolate to share. That’s if it makes the suitcase that is…

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