Friends in the City.

So, hello New York New York! I made it. Do not ask me how it was possible, I still do not know – perhaps underneath I am a bit like Monica afterall… Too soon for Friends references? Enough already, let me fill you in on a few details. I managed to entirely pack the night before, this is unprecedented. The unpacking happens ‘fully’ tomorrow. I can’t face that now. So far it’s wash bag, kaftan and flip flops to lounge and type. The only necessity I definitely failed to bring is my bug spray – it is HOT in the City, I had not banked on that. There’s a cagoule in there somewhere…

So after booking last minute accommodation, few panics, Rescue Remedy at the ready, I made the pick up by the National Express in good time. Joy of Joys it was Magic FM all the way with Wham and Wake Me Up Before You Go Go! Derek the ‘fun guy’ driver says: What Terminal? I say 5 or 7 I can’t remember… he says Well they haven’t built 7 yet! And a friend was made. Chortle chortle. Seven was at the other end – JFK.

One of the best things about traveling is friendship. I have no doubt that this trip will produce some corkers. I’ve been shown such wonderful hospitality from the city that never sleeps yet, so far remains far from grumpy and impolite. In fact – jumping ahead – there was a guy at Penn Station who offered to help me with my bag up two flights of stairs after he had just walked down them. My bag is HEAVY. I mean, he could have dropped it at level one and said Sorry Love, but he was so courteous and kind. Speaking of kindness, did I mention my upgrade? Special thanks to Pilot James for the right word at the right time. I LOVE First Class! I ain’t never goin’ back!

That’s All Folks!

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