Peace and Love Man.

So, I’m in New York for the tenth anniversary of 9/11. It’s very moving and all consuming. I’m tucked away in Guy and Gallard Café, Midtown.

It’s been full on. So much going on yesterday, tension is rife in the city. It was an awesome day but also very insightful. That’s what happens when you move around a city alone, in silence. Unknown and unnoticed. You observe.

It began quite sweetly, with a stack of pancakes at Pastis. Then it rained. I walked about Greenwich Village picking up the local papers to peruse. I witnessed my first bitch fight on Prince St (Man! the air turned blue!). It got hotter. I drank mint tea in Sweet Revenge, avoided the cupcakes but they are ‘calling’. Tried out five guitars, none of them quite right (right price!). Hooked up with fellow Brightonian songbird Bernii. Drank Buds and ate late night pizza ‘by the slice’. Met a bunch of lovely local folk (you know who you are!). Watched a guy jump down onto the train tracks to retrieve a body piercing – I kid you not. All of this, in one day…

Let’s hope the tension cools. Be nice to one another.
Peace and Love Man, Peace and Love.

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  1. Sounds like you had an exciting day, hehe.

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