Black Magic Woman.

Munching Lay’s Classic chips in Queens. Not every day I can say that.

I made it. New Jersey to New York. Checked into my new home for the the next two nights. A fab apartment in Astoria near Steinway. Yes, the piano making area! My host is the fabulous Janeen Terrana – check out her music ( I’m looking forward to the gig tonight – The LIC Bar, NY. It will be my first live gig in the city following yesterday’s live radio session with Sher. The new music is getting out there! Which is, of course the point…

Tonight I’m borrowing a lovely Atlas Series / Breedlove ‘Black Magic‘ guitar. Let’s hope it’s lucky for me. It’s sweet to play. I’ve been rehearsing this afternoon in Janeen’s apartment. My fingers are sore, which can only be a good sign.

More gig news soon. I feel it in my bones…

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