New York to New Jersey.

It’s my second day in New Jersey – tall trees, lush green, open skies, clapperboard houses. Refreshing! I fell asleep to the sound of crickets. I’ve enjoyed it here. Sher’s husband ‘Dano’ kindly picked me up from Dover station NJ. They have made me feel very welcome, I’m so grateful.

After leaving the guitar strings in the hotel lobby, I had the job of replacing Sher’s rusty strings on her trusty Guild Guitar – which saved the day! At 1am I was winding the top E string on by hand, with pliers and wire cutters to aid the process. They are 12’s. I play 11’s! small difference – big difference on the finger tips! Besides my hands have softened over the last week through lack of playing. Anyway, all went well and this morning we set off in her Mini to the Studio clutching Starbucks ‘Grande’ cups.

What fun! I love radio. It’s such a great format. Chat, playing recorded music, chat, live music. Perfect. So I played a selection of songs form the forthcoming album Inner World and encouraged listeners to hook up on Facebook and Twitter – interactive – which they did! We plugged the upcoming shows and talked music throughout the 3 hour show – it was very cool. My host and DJ – the one and only Sher Weston Stec played some fabulous import music. She’s awesome! The studio is exactly as you would imagine. Vintage gig posters of 60s and 70s featuring all the rock legends. It even had a veranda.

On another note, I now know what a Target store is and bought my first lot of Liquor. Happy days!

Back to the bright lights of New York tomorrow – Queens’ to be precise!
On we go…

Next gig: Wednesday 15th September, LIC Bar, Long Island, NY
I’m on at 10pm.


  1. Sounds lovely Donna. Bet you were great on the radio.

  2. We had a blast, it was so good meeting you and hanging out! Can hardly wait for the next time! love your blogging!

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