Eve Rising.

Last night I played my first New York gig – I guess I’ll always remember it. Like a first kiss. It was sweet and surprising. Special thanks to Gus and the LIC bar for making the event so enjoyable. I may have celebrated with a Corona…

I played solo, of course, the very nature of this trip! I played for 45 minutes ending on You Are My Love which is a gift I love to share, as the last line is “you are loved” and hangs in the air as a statement and blessing.

Today I’ve been organising my next move. This involves booking a BoltBus to Boston, Hotel on a highway and car hire from the airport. Thank God for the internet. Supposedly a day off – no such luck! I’m leaving soon to check out the Rockwood Music Hall, Lower East Side. Jeneen will be playing there tonight, I can’t wait.

My next gig will be the Boston Festival ‘Eve Rising’ on Saturday 17th, I’ll be on at 10am. Let’s hope the Eves really do Rise Early…

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