Moving Forward. Sweet Ride.

I’m on the BoltBus. They need to change the name of this bus. It aint no Bolt that’s for sure. It’s been an arduous journey and it’s far from over yet. I can’t quite work out where the hell we are. We left Manhattan over five hours ago. This is just the start – I have a transfer, car collection and hotel on a highway to find. I have the remains of a bag of Sainsbury’s mixed nuts for sustenance and one Ricola throat sweet left (I’m holding on to that for an emergency). My fellow passenger is a dream. After crunching his way through the largest bag of popcorn ever known to man, he’s now asleep and snoring. I have a dead arm.

We pit stopped at Burgerking for ten minutes. The women queued for the loo and the men ate. A passenger announces we’re another hour away, I may lose it by then.

Time to reflect. Last night was a great wake-up call. The quality of musicians that played at Rockwood last night were phenomenal. I mean REALLY GOOD. Their commitment to their craft was outstanding and inspiring.

The main revelation I guess, was that most of them work second jobs. Sometimes third or fourth jobs. Anything to sustain the music. The downside is the overall ‘reality’ that none of them can sustain a living from music alone. That’s a bit depressing. That good and still struggling to pay the rent? Was it always this tough? Did Bob Dylan juggle jobs?

So what’s the solution? I’m interested to hear any stories of life on the road, making a living as a musician or perhaps you have made it and quit the supporting jobs… get in touch. I’m positive there are many ways to do this without suffering. But for now, it’s BoltBus hell for as far as I can see…

Then I get to meet the fabulous Perry Desmond Davies.
Check out her album: Sweet Ride

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