Under Salem’s Spell.

There is no blueprint for making miracles happen. Except for being open, available, receptive and grateful! That sounds like a cookin’ concoction any witch would be proud to have mixed up! I cannot say exactly what happened but with the help of Goddess Elle Gallo I found myself in the coolest place – Salem. Wow – the history alone is worth the visit. Then there’s the music!

I met Elle at The Seaport Café where a fine trio of local talent were coaxing the full house into a frenzy. I had the chance to join them for an impromptu performance of House of The Rising Sun and then played my own track ‘By The Fire’. Big thanks to Evan Goodrow, Chris Fitz and Steve Peabody for sharing the stage. I felt very welcome and it was great to see so many familiar faces from the festival! (Bob, Julie, Erinn…)

Then off to another new place, down the highway to play at The Grog in Newburyport, MA. Words cannot explain the honor of playing with these guys:

Parker Wheeler (Harmonica and Vocals)
Ron Levy (Keyboard player)
Jack Ward (Guitar player)
Tom Carroll (Guitar)
Ed Spargo (Bass)
Amadee Castenell (Sax)
John Loud (Drums)

I think they call that a stellar line-up? It blew my mind.
I also managed my Radio phone-in with Danny Coleman in Trenton NJ which goes out Worldwide! Check it out. Rock on Radio.

Back to Salem tonight to play with the wonderful super-talented Julie Dougherty at The Greenland Cafe. Oh boy! another great honor!


  1. sorry i missed the show last night at greenland. i live only a block away but too many nights in a row. i hope to see you again before you leave. will you be back at the seaport cafe this sunday? hope so.
    bob broderick

    1. Hey Bob – no problem! I’m sure we’ll meet again. I’ve listed the next few gigs in Salem etc but Sunday I have a house concert so I doubt I can make the jam again! Shame! All the best xx

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