Feels Like Home.

There are woods at my back. I just saw my first baby squirrel. I’m here catching up with y’all – sharing my news. I’ve been playing everywhere I can. To get my music heard. Time is now pressing on, whereas it felt like a long stretch ahead – now it is nearing completion and soon enough I’ll be home. It’s been an amazing experience, and it’s not over yet!

Since I last posted, I played at the Green Land Cafe in Salem with the wonderful Julie Dougherty, followed by the revered hotspot – In A Pig’s Eye. The line up in these places are eye-poppingly good. Last night I played at The Roma in Haverill, a Blues Jam followed…

When you find yourself standing next to legends in places steeped in musical history you feel honored and humbled. It’s a heady mix. I just do my delicate thing and hope it translates, connects and has some impact long after I’m gone. I keep going.

I’m playing at some great venues this week leading up to my last booking at Chakra Fest on October 1st. Elle Gallo has me under her steady wing and I feel truly blessed. Here’s what we have fixed up:

Wed 21 – Blue Taleh then Worthen House Café in Lowell
Thu 22 – Full Show with Nicholas Bogosian at Georges in Haverill (8.30pm start)
Fri 23 – In A Pigs Eye with Eric Reardon in Salem (early show 4-6pm)
Sat 24 – Artist Row in Salem with Julie Dougherty, (1-3pm)
Sun 25 – House Concert with Perry Desmond Davies, Maynard (6.30pm start)
Mon 26 – Lizard Lounge, Cambridge

Be great to see you at one, some or all! It’s been a great comfort seeing familiair faces as I move around – there’s a great community here and a real love of authentic music. Feels like Home.


  1. Anne Munson · · Reply

    Hello and Welcome to Massachusetts 🙂
    What time are you playing at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge on Monday?

    1. Thanks Anne! I’m not sure on the time slot… I’ll try and find out – it might be on Monday though?! Hope to see you there xx

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