We’ve only just begun.

My favorite quote of the trip so far came from Stanley Swan at the Blue Taleh: “You know, Karen Carpenter had good chops”. I didn’t, but the first chance I get I’m gonna YouTube it! We toyed with the idea of playing Close To You but in the end we went with Summertime – homage to the passing season – the leaves are just on the turn and it’s beautiful to watch.

So I got to join the Jazz trio with the additional instrumental flourishes of brass courtesy of some of Berklee’s finest music students and graduates. Not everyday you get to do that. It was good fun. Then, down the alleyway to The Backpage for a solo performance of my original material. Both very cool places, nice vibes.

Yesterday it rained most of the day – reminding me of home! After playing a set for the Mayor at the Roma – I set off to play my longest set yet – a shared bill with Nicholas Bogosian from Ohio. He rocks the Banjo, the Fiddle and his stomping board. If you ever get the chance to catch him live, you will not be disappointed! It was a pleasure to play together at George’s in Haverill, Mass. Thanks to everyone who came along and to Elle Gallo and Paul Prue for making it happen.

Later I’ll join Eric Reardon at In A Pigs Eye in Salem. But for now the body has other ideas, I pulled something, and not in a good way.

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