Warm. Hot. Hotter.

My trip here has been amazing. Things are hotting up. Averaging two gigs a day is taking its toll on my body – but… I’m loving it.

Since my last posting I had the pleasure of joining Julie Dougherty at the Artists Row in Salem during the daytime. It was great to have some time after to just hang out and enjoy the culinary delights of Caffe Graziani – a post performance treat. I’ll be back to sample the homemade tiramisu later…

Then in the evening I played at Studio 99 in New Hampshire – another new location discovered! I’ll definitely be back. There was a great ‘listening’ vibe, some top talent and variety – check out Jonee Earthquake to see what I mean! Not everyday you meet a pirate.

So after I said goodbye to the Gallo family home – with some sadness (I hate goodbyes!) I hit the road to Maynard to hook up with the super talented Perry Desmond Davies – who had organised my my first House Concert. What a blast! When I get home – I’m doing more of them. It’s a wonderful environment to share songs and stories and drink wine, what could be better?

It’s over 80 degrees now. I’ve exhausted my ‘wardrobe/suitcase’, I’m now recycling old outfits! Tonight I’m off to Cambridge, Boston to play the Lizard Lounge – home to some serious musical history – plus my heroine Martha Wainwright played there – Joy of Joys! I’ll also be popping in to see the Sonicbids team – home to great indie music promotion.
Stay cool.


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  1. Looking forward to seeing you!

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