On Her Own Dime

So, this week I experienced a ‘talent competition’. I was full of excitement to be playing the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, Massachusetts and the idea of the cash prize dangled like a sprinkled sugar doughnut before my eyes….

With my trusty GPS I arrived in good time. Sat down at the bar to a cup of french onion soup. I was an hour early. Musicians arrived carrying their instruments: Guitars, Saw, Glok and Accordion…

I met some great folks. Big hand for the host Tom Bianchi – he should have his own Show! I learnt how to promounce Maynard. It’s not May-nard – dur!!! It’s “M’Narrrrrd”. My set went well. The quality was high. Most notable was Zac Clark from Vermont on piano, the girl-trio from Nashville also knew their stuff. The judge deemed a fellow ‘traveling musician’ from Texas as the winner. I headed home on route 93 slightly sore but having learnt a valuable lesson. I’m not in competition with anyone. My path is a challenge enough without comparisons and judgments.

The next day I headed back to Boston, South End, to visit the good folks of Sonicbids! With the demands and upkeep of so many social networking platforms, exposure and promotional tools, the modern troubadour really needs to know which ones are worth their time and effort. Especially important for artists that are totally independent and self funded (that’s me). They were very cool. I left satisfied – Sonicbids know their stuff. They care and they are the real deal. They made me very welcome and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to visit.

ChakraFest is the last booking – Saturday 1st October at Slater’s, Bolton, MA.
Then it’s back to NYC!


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