Cheers Boston, Hello New York.

Now it feels as though the time has passed by in a flash. My trip is almost over.

Chakrafest was the perfect goodbye – a finalé of great music, new friendships and invitations to return. It was an honor to join such talent on the stage – so many names became realised in sound and song – previously known only through Facebook! Yes, finally technology makes sense to me. I look forward to returning to see them all again, new friends new fans – Joy!

Leaving Bolton Massachusetts for Boston, I returned the compact Fiat to the airport and paid the hefty bill. Gulp. Moving on, time for tourism. You can’t go to Boston without visiting the Cheers Bar! A short but sweet time in Boston overall, I wish I’d had time to play Club Passim – perhaps next time…

Then the Greyhound bus took me back to New York – much better than the Boltbus! I headed to Greenwich Village where my next ‘home’ was booked. I love the area, it holds a lot of memory for me and I’ve enjoyed retracing the steps of my folk heros. I checked out the Songwriters night at The Bitter End, there’s one for next time too. I’ll just have to come back…


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