It’s Not About The Money, Money, Money.

It’s fresh today. Cool air and low cloud. I’ve barely seen the ocean since coming home from America. I know it’s there, less than a mile away. I’ve been in the studio mostly. Recording final vocals for the album. Each day a step closer to completion. Tamas is the Sanskrit word. It has many meanings, but I particularly like the meaning of bringing something to its full and realised state. A natural law.

This week has been productive. I’m on track to complete the recordings before Christmas. It’s been emotional, expensive and rewarding. To sustain everything I now need to find some paid work. Money is a funny thing. Love it or hate it – it’s hard to do without the stuff. To link doing what you love with what you earn is tricky. It is a fine balance especially as we are obsessed with placing value on money alone.

I feel blessed to be having such rich experiences. Most importantly to realise that music is powerful and universal in connecting people and that’s my job.

I’m reading Timeless Simplicity by John Lane

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