It’s In The Listening.

What a spectacular sunrise this morning. The alarm clock failed but somehow I still woke in time to catch it.

Recording continues. More vocals added and the other musicians are lined up to complete the ‘icing’. This week as far as insight and learning goes, I feel very blessed to have been reminded to listen. What a gift. To lend an ear. To pay attention. To hear what is being said. I’m practicing it now. Most days our senses are over run with sensations and it comes as a great relief to give attention to only one. Try it!

Of course being in the studio is a listening marathon. My ears often ring and buzz after an intense session so I remain a true fan of silence. Tomorrow I’m recording the guitar part for Falling and then the vocal.

More gigs announced soon. Possibly in Morecambe, Lancaster, Amsterdam and Paris and of course I’ll be back at The Bull (Ditchling, Sussex) next Sunday (6th Nov) for the Acoustic Residency with Nelson Day.

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