Punishment and Tests.

Sometimes we bring it on ourselves. After posting yesterday’s blog about listening, the Universe thought it very funny to test my resolve. I left home to walk to my yoga class, attentive and puffed up like a proud pigeon after posting my blog (WordPress always congratulate you after you press Publish with a positive adjective – Glorious!, Impressive!). I arrived with three minutes to spare to the Glorious sound of drilling! The whole road had been dug up and they were drilling right under the yoga centre, joy of joys! So, throughout my class I really had the opportunity to practice my listening! Ha!

Now today presents another auditory challenge – playing to Click. For recording purposes it’s paramount. That does not mean it comes naturally or is easy. It’s not. To top it all, I over-stretched at the class and today I am paying for it. We did the Pigeon Pose. Ironic. So, the listening continues – what can you hear right now? Tune in. I’d love to hear about it.


  1. Today’s posting produced this adjective – Yahoo! (Joy! thanks WordPress!)

  2. The lesson here is don’t attend yoga classes.

    1. Good point well made.

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