Harvesting. Not just for Farmers.

I’m ready to embark on another journey – up North! I’m so excited. Partly as it involves a train ride – which is the perfect opportunity to write, think and work. The other reason for delighting in the trip is to see friends and spend time in good company.

The last time I went to Morecambe Bay I took flip-flops. Huge error on my part! In my mind I thought beach, sun, sand…. it was freezing! I borrowed additional layers and was still cold the entire time – that was in the Summer. So, lessons learnt, this time I’m packing jumpers. For my American friends that means Sweaters. It’s official – I’m a big southern softie.

On Sunday the clocks Fall back and we gain an additional hour. This is a time of year I’m growing to love. As preparation begins for the annual hibernation it’s great to take time to reflect on the work undertaken and witness the outcome of our efforts. In other words The Harvest. For me this comes in the form of songs, writing and personal growth, and it’s been a good year. A fine crop.

I know this, because yesterday I was in the studio recording backing vocals and I could hear the work in the tracks. It’s all in there. The richness. The promise. The quality. The love.

What are you Harvesting this year?

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