Numbers. Symbols. Attunement.

So Eleven Eleven came and went. I celebrated with friends sending energy around the world. Did it help? Perhaps we’ll never know. At 11.11am many of us fell still. Silent. Peace always helps I’m sure of it. I love double numbers they feel very special. Particularly Twenty One Twenty One. I’ve also been noticing symbols and paying close attention to them. Specifically one will feature on my album which I will now release next May. Sorry to take so long. These things take time and there’s no real rush is there? That’s not to say the album isn’t ready – it is. Eleven beautifully crafted tracks about to be mastered following the final additions of violin and percussion. Now I’m working on the visuals and planning the launch.

I also had my attunement for Reiki 1, all part of my ongoing development in healing and energy work. It’s all in the music too. Naturally. I guess for me the album is an expression of my deepest self, serving my highest self in the pursuit of knowledge (Truth).

Travel well friends.

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