New Year Wishes and Thanks.

Life is series of moments. Here's one of mine from 2011.I’m excited to be writing a new year wish to you all. It may just be the coffee – I’m on my third cup – I’m typing fast. It may also be because after the last 12 months I feel anything is possible and from the fruits of that 12 month labour comes my new album – Inner World. Set for a May release on indie label Lyrically Speaking, watch this space.

As a thank you I’ll be sharing a track with you all soon – but which one?! Some songs you will know from the live shows or the video perhaps – Emerald Eyes – that has subsequently undergone some fine-tuning and ends up all the better for it.

Anyway, I rattle on, HAPPY NEW YEAR – may all your dreams manifest – may you be clear with intention and consistent with action – and may I do the same!

Till next time dear friends, I leave you with heartfelt THANKS for all your support – by way of attending gigs, adding comments, Facebook Likes, Twitter following, and reading THIS blog… and when you Share these things you actually become more beautiful – it’s true!

May 2012 be full of special moments and may we not be rushing so fast that we miss them.

Love + Light

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