Week One of 2012: Hurricanes and Drought

A blustery start to the year – flying roof tiles, cracking trees and the recycling had its own party on the street – welcome 2012! Not like a Brit to bang on about the weather? I couldn’t resist. Regardless, somehow it has been a fairly productive start to the year with new gigs booked and cover art progress. Blowing the cobwebs away indeed…

After carrying the beloved tree to the collection point for its ‘second life’ (chippings), the sparkle and merriment boxed for its annual holiday, I did what every writer does and picked a new notebook for the new year. Fresh page. Fresh start, except I can’t stop thinking about getting on a plane in search of some sun. If you look closely, I’m actually translucent.

To pick myself up I headed to join Jake Spicer and the wonderful folk at Brighton Life Drawing class for a spot of – you guessed it – life drawing. I’m rusty, naturally. Here are my efforts (no shame):

I also did this: Listened to the final mixes over and over again, had a Jam with my friend Jenni, made my first curry with paneer cheese, applied for a writing post, went hunting for art books – found two gems.

Back to the album, I’ve been toying with idea of simplicity and sketches for the album cover or photography and realism? I’m exploring both as each have equal merit in presenting the eleven tracks I’m calling Inner World.

Here are the gigs I booked – for your new diaries, ahem:

Weds 1st Feb 8pm // Latest Bar, Brighton // £6
The Latest Bar

Sun 5th Feb 8pm // The Lansdown, Lewes // Tip Jar Yee Har
Union Music Store

Fri 17th Feb 8pm // Tic Tic Café, Brighton // Donations welcome!
Tic Toc Café

It would be great to see some friendly faces at these gigs as I’ll be playing solo – do say HI if you are there! If you can help share the events with friends that would be good too.

So, no big list of Goals this year – let’s just see what pans out eh? The year of No Goals? And for all you weather enthusiasts – the drought relates entirely to the ‘not drinking’ aspect of January – so far so good. Who’s with me? Who caved in?

ONGOING – Drawing:
Brighton Life Drawing / Draw

TUESDAY 10TH JAN – Fulfilling Work Event – Subject: Portfolio Careers (for creative folk who like doing lots of things – that’s me)
Fulfilling Work – Meet up groups in Brighton

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