Week Four. Weak For…

Finally I’m sat at my desk. I can actually see the desk – this is progress. Around me are the preliminary sketches that could form part of my album artwork. I’ve also been letter stamping all of the song titles by hand and enjoying every minute of it – satisfying the designer in me.

I’ve had the privilege of working with two extraordinary artists already on this project. Photographer Laura Stevens and fine artist Jake Spicer. All will be revealed.

As for the tracks themselves – sublime. The mastering process was completed without too much alteration to the final mixes. It’s hard to say stop – to say when a piece of work is finished, but I had to. I want to share it and it’s the best it could be – and who could ask for more?

Other Updates:

1 Alcohol intake – nil
2 Country walks – 1
3 Writing every day – 50/50
4 Extra Curriculum Activities: Philosophy, Sanskrit, Yoga – Check!
5 Started a Tumblr thingy for imagery

Things I’m currently Weak For:

1 Gin and Tonic
2 Decent publishing deal
3 Sunshine
4 Administrative help with planning and releasing an album
5 The energy I had in my twenties

Come on, what are you Weak For?


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