Some of us Work in Spirals.

I do. As I lay the guitar on the carpet after checking the battery for tomorrow’s gig, I go to the open folder and begin hole punching papers. I spy the bedroom/office floor is decorated with a trail of efforts and attempts of this nature. This is how I work. I have given up resisting my patterns – now I embrace them.

Not all habits are good. This might not be a good one but it is entrenched and no one can deny – things do get done. However, I long for more focus and energy for the things I love to do the most. To clarify (for my own benefit) to jog the memory, this is my short list:

1 Write
2 Create
3 Share

To focus. This needs clarity and stillness. After the spiraling ends I see around me lists of ideas and projects in motion whilst some things are ‘parked’ for a while. I’m just one woman. Laugh Out Loud! I cannot claim to have any sort of an answer to gaining clarity and improving productivity by using this ‘Spiral’ technique but I do know that it is important to do what you love. Make time for your creativity. Be utterly yourself.

Another way of viewing the list above is like this:

1 Investigate / Express
2 Manifest / Make
3 Serve / Release

That seems quite clear to me.

Next Gigs:
The Bull, Ditchling/Sussex Sunday 4th March 7-9pm
The Library, Islington/London Tuesday 6th March 8pm
The Coach House, Brighton/Sussex Sunday 18th March 7pm
Rook Lane Arts, Frome/Somerset Saturday 24th March 7pm

New Album:
Inner World will be out in May.
Hear a preview track, here:


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