Let the lyrics do the talking.

When I wrote the lyric ‘How we pull ourselves, from under the darkness that takes over us, some days…’ (Stone, Happiness + Victory, 2008) I wrote from real experience, a real day. Today was one of those days. Just when things begin to crack and threaten to fall apart, testing our values and rocking our being to the core, things fall away and light shines in.

Sometimes I forget the importance of my lyrics. Forget to acknowledge that for me they hold the essence of each and every song. Perhaps that’s why the rest pales in significance because the words mean so much. It’s not that I don’t value melody, chords, arrangement – I do – but the words! They are IT for me.

Which is why it was really rather super fantastic for Ruth Barnes (BBC6Music/Amazing Radio) to highlight my lyric as her favourite on Tom Robinson’s Blog (Freshest Faves), featuring my new song Restlessness.

Here’s the link to Tom Robinson’s Blog:

Just to prove the point, I dedicate the following lines to the lyrics, so you can sing along with the track, if you feel it too?

Happy Beltane everyone xx

Restlessness (from the forthcoming album Inner World)

I’m homeless, penniless
And I’m hungry for success
And the ladder it gets taller
I feel smaller and depressed
And I’m working like a workhorse
But I’m earning less and less

Oh restlessness, Oh restlessness
Do you feel it too?
Do you feel it too?
Do you feel it too?
Do you feel it too?

Oh my looks are fading
And my body is decaying
But my mind is strong
And my heart will go on

Oh restlessness, restlessness
Oh restlessness, restlessness
Do you feel it too?
Do you feel it too?
Do you feel it too?
Tell me, do you feel it too?

Oh Restlessness

You can listen here: http://soundcloud.com/donnafullman/restlessness-1


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