Music is a vehicle. Love is the engine.

I’ve been camping in Kent. I’m nursing some humming bites in hard to reach places. Driving back got me thinking. Not everything is about music. Sometimes I forget this. Sometimes I forget why I am doing it. Some people ask me if I’d like to be famous. No. That’s not it. I’m quite happy writing alone, singing alone and playing alone. The band make it fun and the energy is different. Not bad, good, better or worse – just different.

I like doing lots of creative things. This has always created something of a challenge. Like the meaning of the word Focus. Still working on that. The thing is – at the core of all I do is heart and care but that sounds wet. Attention to detail, quality and beauty. All of the above and more.

So I use language, add a human sound and six strings EADGBE and using this palette I write songs and share them. It’s a funny life when I think about it. Or rather it’s a funny aspect of it.

I’m enjoying this:

and this:

playing here on Saturday – Castle Stage 4-5pm

If you missed the Album Launch – catch the vibe here:


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