Winter Solstice. Lots to Celebrate.

Supporting The Miserable Rich. Photo © James Kendall

Supporting The Miserable Rich. Photo © James Kendall

Happy Winter Solstice folks. I hope the day marks a change in engery and we can all move on into 2013 with great positivity and happiness. This year has been remarkable and I don’t say that lightly. Releasing an album is quite a task – as I discovered – and it doesn’t end there. As you know I’ve been working on promoting the album and sharing the songs with as many people as humanly possible. Thanks for all your support along the way. I don’t want to get too gushy about it but without your support it really wouldn’t be worth it.

Almost time to reflect on 2012… After unwrapping the first box of CDs (and crying with relief on the carpet) – my highlights include the Album Launch at the Green Door Store, supporting Dawn Landes at The Water Rats in London, playing the Small World Festival, all the wonderful Acoustic sessions at The Bull especially last night’s Charity Fundraiser Singing Carols with Conrad Vingoe and Amy Hill round the fire! not to mention a super special House Concert in Kemp Town (more about that later) plus our debut performance at The Dome supporting The Miserable Rich… (flops on floor).

Next year is still full of possibility and hope. Let’s enjoy it!
With Love + Light


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