Tired and Broken.

loft Sesh


Dear friends and long suffering supporters!

 So I have been busying myself with the following escapades – namely moving house. Randomly I have also played in an absinthe bar (supporting the great Lucky Jim) and shot a live music video video in a loft – no lie.

 My wooden Buddha has suffered a broken finger – is it a sign or just sloppy packing? I’m keen to begin capturing my new material but worry about chords and things like tunings and my hands hurt from packing and lifting. My guitar playing callouses are softening, this is definitely not a good sign but I’m writing again – this is good. No sign required.

The new house is fantastic. It’s smaller which means I’ve been letting stuff go – boxes of it, very therapeutic. I’ve placed the Buddha and the Tanglewood in the lounge. The broken finger bothers me. The guitar has a fine layer of dust settling. 

Current challenges:

  1. ten boxes, one shelf
  2. more income (preferably sustainable and consistent)
  3. capturing the new songs
  4. organising some sort of tour which is fun and will not leave me broke (or broken)

 All ideas, suggestions etc welcome on a postcard… (or comment box!)




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