Donna Fullman is a solo artist from Brighton UK playing live with support from her exquisite band delivering self penned Indie Folk songs. With comparisons to the great Sandy Denny and Kirsty MacColl her pure dynamic vocals reach straight for the heart. Influences from Roy Orbison to PJ Harvey, Mazzy Star to Velvet Underground. Sheer audio delight both Live and on recordings. Be prepared to get hooked.

Inner World is the debut album from UK indie songstress Donna Fullman – in pursuit of Truth, Beauty and Wisdom. The eleven track album was recorded at the prestigious Homesick Recording Company in Brighton  with Producer Simon Janes (Mary Hampton, Bonobo, My Little Problem). 

“Creating the album Inner World with Donna Fullman was a labour of love with some very talented musicians. It was all about space, texture and feeling, letting the performances breathe. We often found ourselves stripping back the layers as we followed the heart of a song. Sometimes it was the shimmering vibrato of a single note and at others it was the roaring density of a thirty piece choir. We trusted the journey.” Simon Janes, Producer

Donna’s sound has been likened to that of the great Sandy Denny and Kirsty MacColl, and described as atmospheric folk rock. With influences from the 60s and 70s sweeping through her bittersweet authentically stunning songs – embodying vibes of folk, country and blues. Donna Fullman is set to become one of the great singer songwriters to emerge from the UK.

As a solo artist she has been gigging and touring consistently building  a growing fanbase of dedicated followers, all hooked on her ‘light’. In the studio she was joined by a string of exceptionally talented musicians including long term collaborator Nelson Day (The Beautiful Word), Paul Holland (Xray Specs), Ben Townsend (Lucky Jim), Andrew Stuart Buttle (Common Tongues).

My music can be heard at my website as well as youtube, reverbnation, iTunes etc.

My music can be purchased direct from my website – For physical CDs – I’ll sign it and post you a copy!
Or you may want to download tracks from iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody or Emusic.

Thanks for listening – keep in touch xx

Songwriter For Hire

Aside from the live performances, I am a professional songwriter. Passing with distinction (Higher Diploma in Songwriting) at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music in 2006.

I adore the craft of songwriting using vocal melody to capture emotion and inspire lyrics that connect. I work quickly and generate lots of lyrical ideas and melodic lines.

I am based in Brighton UK but often in London. I have a full band and a strong network of accomplished musicians. I work alone or in the studio with other writers. I have lots of recording experience and have released music on my label Lyrically Speaking. I am able to record and demo tracks for commissions and co-writes.

Please get in touch for song samples or pitching opportunities.

Here are some quotes about my work:

“Folk-Pop from the local songstress whose songs recall the likes of Emilliana Torrini’s ‘Fisherman’s Woman’ or Feist’s ‘Reminder’. Overall her sound remains bluesy with a country twist delivering performances that are both intimate and atmospheric.”
Resident Records, Brighton

“Integrity, talented songwriting, wit and a total lack of ego – something that is rarely found in this business – but Donna Fullman has it in spades. Performing live on South:Live she blended poetic lyrics with the romanticism of Woodstock and the heady notes of the far east”.
Kairen Kemp, Presenter South:Live BBC Sussex

“Donna Fullman at her quietist is Martha Wainwright without balls, owing to her higher sense of lyricism. Her simple yet eloquent melodies swoop low over steel-strung chords in an unpretentious manner affecting those around her to stop and listen. So stop and listen.”
OM, Bed Springs Music Promotions

“Strong melodies and the interplay between Fullman’s rich velvet vocal and Nelson Day’s delicate guitar and piano work are the trademark features throughout “Happiness + Victory”, he also knows a good riff when he hears one. The EP is a singer/songwriter lead release that draws of jazz, folk and blues as mediums for the words and emotions. This is sit down and listen to music, candles and red wine, with the exception of “Hello Shanghai” which is more of an embrace your partner and dance seductively around the room type number. Donna Fullman has laid down a marker of intent.”
Neil King, FATEA Magazine

“When Fullman dons her blues coat for ‘The Brave Favour The Sea’ you can hear that there is something further down in her soul, crying to get out, much like Jim Morrison would have been before breaking into his less temperamental and more r&b type tracks from L.A. Woman. That’s a road Fullman probably wont take – but with an alto voice that might be ready for it, we can only cross our fingers and hope….”
Oliver McGhie, Classical Guitar Magazine

“Donna Fullman – Fresh and bright songstress with a gentle, but sophisticated edge.”
Sean Creed Radio Reverb, bRiGhTon PhlUx 97.2 FM

“I’ve watched Donna Fullman’s talent and career grow and blossom at a remarkable rate. Her voice has developed a maturity and sensitivity which gives justice to her songs – so personal and heartfelt. This contemporary singer-songwriter, dedicated to her craft, and open to change and growth, is moving at a pace… I, for one, will continue to watch her path with huge interest.”
Lou Beckerman, Songwriter

“The four or five songs I heard made quite an impression on me. The formula of the band was quite basic, a three-piece with vocals, guitar and simple drums. Occasionally other instruments would appear, but throughout the sound was as unassuming as Donna’s vocals, never over-stretching, never over-complicating. Vocally, and once or twice musically I could hear Natalie Merchant or Isobel Campbell and (in the odd uptempo moment) Belle and Sebastian, though it was the lack of ostentation that made them hugely watchable rather than any apparent attempt to fit into a musical pigeonhole. Donna didn’t appear to be trying too hard when she sung, but there was a soulfulness and innocence to her voice, as well as a lyrical and melodic charm that was quite captivating.”
Tony Foster, bhONE


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