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Tired and Broken.

  Dear friends and long suffering supporters!  So I have been busying myself with the following escapades – namely moving house. Randomly I have also played in an absinthe bar (supporting the great Lucky Jim) and shot a live music video video in a loft – no lie.  My wooden Buddha has suffered a broken […]

Celebrating Womanhood – IWD 2013

It means so much to be appreciated. As a woman on International Women’s Day – on any day – we rarely acknowledge ourselves fully. What a joy to share our gifts and talents, our time and energy. I’ve begun teaching guitar to a wonderful girl of seven. What a privilege to share what I have. […]

Winter Solstice. Lots to Celebrate.

Happy Winter Solstice folks. I hope the day marks a change in engery and we can all move on into 2013 with great positivity and happiness. This year has been remarkable and I don’t say that lightly. Releasing an album is quite a task – as I discovered – and it doesn’t end there. As […]

Inner World Countdown

I felt the urge to blog and rather than over think it I decided to just do it. There must be news – it’s been over a month since my last post. I guess the focus is still very much on releasing my debut album Inner World and all that entails – artwork, promos, pr, […]

Week One of 2012: Hurricanes and Drought

A blustery start to the year – flying roof tiles, cracking trees and the recycling had its own party on the street – welcome 2012! Not like a Brit to bang on about the weather? I couldn’t resist. Regardless, somehow it has been a fairly productive start to the year with new gigs booked and […]

Blog Lapse. It’s Only Natural.

Since my last post, I’ve been busying myself in the studio finalising the last details on the album. That was until I fell sick and so the blog lapse occurred and for that, I apologise. However, I can almost breathe through both nostrils and therefore, I’m back. December is a month I love and wish […]

Punishment and Tests.

Sometimes we bring it on ourselves. After posting yesterday’s blog about listening, the Universe thought it very funny to test my resolve. I left home to walk to my yoga class, attentive and puffed up like a proud pigeon after posting my blog (WordPress always congratulate you after you press Publish with a positive adjective […]

Making Sense of Everything.

I’m settling back into UK mode now. Yesterday I had a great meeting with Simon Janes of Homesick Recording Studios in Hove. Now it’s all about finishing the album – Inner World – which is sounding great! Before I left for my US Tour we produced a preview promo, showcasing four of the forthcoming tracks. […]

Good follows bad and so it goes on…

So the times are a-changing. Bob said it best. Firstly I received a letter from the parking officer – they let me off my parking ticket! Amazing what a friendly but stern letter can generate. Either way I am so grateful. It’s £50 for the US fund! Friends are now getting in touch to offer […]

Bring it back. Sing It back.

Today it’s back to the studio to record more vocals. I hope I’m in good voice. Had lot’s of nice meetings yesterday but that’s a lot of talking! Anyway, all good progress. It looks like I’ll start my trip in NYC and end in Boston. I hope to meet and make friends along the way. […]