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Music is a vehicle. Love is the engine.

I’ve been camping in Kent. I’m nursing some humming bites in hard to reach places. Driving back got me thinking. Not everything is about music. Sometimes I forget this. Sometimes I forget why I am doing it. Some people ask me if I’d like to be famous. No. That’s not it. I’m quite happy writing […]

Inner World Countdown

I felt the urge to blog and rather than over think it I decided to just do it. There must be news – it’s been over a month since my last post. I guess the focus is still very much on releasing my debut album Inner World and all that entails – artwork, promos, pr, […]

Under Salem’s Spell.

There is no blueprint for making miracles happen. Except for being open, available, receptive and grateful! That sounds like a cookin’ concoction any witch would be proud to have mixed up! I cannot say exactly what happened but with the help of Goddess Elle Gallo I found myself in the coolest place – Salem. Wow […]

People places, some familiar faces.

Hello Massachusetts! After the HELL of Friday – Saturday was a dream. To complete the last installment of my ‘biggest challenge yet’ – I picked up the smallest car available at the airport. A Fiat. I can just about fit the guitar in the boot. Or trunk depending on your persuasion. I chose the smallest […]

Eve Rising.

Last night I played my first New York gig – I guess I’ll always remember it. Like a first kiss. It was sweet and surprising. Special thanks to Gus and the LIC bar for making the event so enjoyable. I may have celebrated with a Corona… I played solo, of course, the very nature of […]

Black Magic Woman.

Munching Lay’s Classic chips in Queens. Not every day I can say that. I made it. New Jersey to New York. Checked into my new home for the the next two nights. A fab apartment in Astoria near Steinway. Yes, the piano making area! My host is the fabulous Janeen Terrana – check out her […]

New York to New Jersey.

It’s my second day in New Jersey – tall trees, lush green, open skies, clapperboard houses. Refreshing! I fell asleep to the sound of crickets. I’ve enjoyed it here. Sher’s husband ‘Dano’ kindly picked me up from Dover station NJ. They have made me feel very welcome, I’m so grateful. After leaving the guitar strings […]

Good follows bad and so it goes on…

So the times are a-changing. Bob said it best. Firstly I received a letter from the parking officer – they let me off my parking ticket! Amazing what a friendly but stern letter can generate. Either way I am so grateful. It’s £50 for the US fund! Friends are now getting in touch to offer […]

Fear. Resistance and other annoyances.

Is it any wonder that I barely sleep? My head is a whirl 24 hours of every day. What I recognise is Fear. It’s scary to do what you love. It’s the unknown. I might fail. Failure is a can of worms. Mostly it comes down to expectation and other illusions. What really matters to […]

All Together Now: Love.

Hooray – the weekend. It’s been an intensive week, but good. Yesterday I recorded my vocal for the last track on the album called You Are My Love. It’s the last track because it’s a wonderful summary of how I feel about my own Inner World. An observation, an offering, an invitation. We’ll be adding […]