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What’s that? The sun.

It’s been a long time coming. We knew it was there. Then, behold – a miracle! The sun finally blessed us with its presence. Hoorah! Out comes the pale flesh and away goes the winter wardrobe. I can’t tell you how much happier I feel when the sun is shining. Any lights really – fairy […]

Winter Solstice. Lots to Celebrate.

Happy Winter Solstice folks. I hope the day marks a change in engery and we can all move on into 2013 with great positivity and happiness. This year has been remarkable and I don’t say that lightly. Releasing an album is quite a task – as I discovered – and it doesn’t end there. As […]

Precious Metals, Precious Moments.

Other than the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the flurry of Gold medals currently pouring in at the London 2012 Olympics – what else has been going on? In terms reaching goals and gaining accolades – these past few months have been unprecedented. In true form I give you a list – which is by no […]

Some of us Work in Spirals.

I do. As I lay the guitar on the carpet after checking the battery for tomorrow’s gig, I go to the open folder and begin hole punching papers. I spy the bedroom/office floor is decorated with a trail of efforts and attempts of this nature. This is how I work. I have given up resisting […]

Week One of 2012: Hurricanes and Drought

A blustery start to the year – flying roof tiles, cracking trees and the recycling had its own party on the street – welcome 2012! Not like a Brit to bang on about the weather? I couldn’t resist. Regardless, somehow it has been a fairly productive start to the year with new gigs booked and […]

It’s In The Listening.

What a spectacular sunrise this morning. The alarm clock failed but somehow I still woke in time to catch it. Recording continues. More vocals added and the other musicians are lined up to complete the ‘icing’. This week as far as insight and learning goes, I feel very blessed to have been reminded to listen. […]

Cheers Boston, Hello New York.

Now it feels as though the time has passed by in a flash. My trip is almost over. Chakrafest was the perfect goodbye – a final√© of great music, new friendships and invitations to return. It was an honor to join such talent on the stage – so many names became realised in sound and […]

On Her Own Dime

So, this week I experienced a ‘talent competition’. I was full of excitement to be playing the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, Massachusetts and the idea of the cash prize dangled like a sprinkled sugar doughnut before my eyes…. With my trusty GPS I arrived in good time. Sat down at the bar to a cup […]

Warm. Hot. Hotter.

My trip here has been amazing. Things are hotting up. Averaging two gigs a day is taking its toll on my body – but… I’m loving it. Since my last posting I had the pleasure of joining Julie Dougherty at the Artists Row in Salem during the daytime. It was great to have some time […]

We’ve only just begun.

My favorite quote of the trip so far came from Stanley Swan at the Blue Taleh: “You know, Karen Carpenter had good chops”. I didn’t, but the first chance I get I’m gonna YouTube it! We toyed with the idea of playing Close To You but in the end we went with Summertime – homage […]