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Week Four. Weak For…

Finally I’m sat at my desk. I can actually see the desk – this is progress. Around me are the preliminary sketches that could form part of my album artwork. I’ve also been letter stamping all of the song titles by hand and enjoying every minute of it – satisfying the designer in me. I’ve […]


Don’t Preach. Practice.

Twenty Eleven – what a year! I set two goals – record my full length album Inner World and tour America. Check! Was it tough, was it challenging, did I learn and grow? For sure! This year has been immense. Last night I played the final mixes to the band members who have been there […]

Blog Lapse. It’s Only Natural.

Since my last post, I’ve been busying myself in the studio finalising the last details on the album. That was until I fell sick and so the blog lapse occurred and for that, I apologise. However, I can almost breathe through both nostrils and therefore, I’m back. December is a month I love and wish […]

Numbers. Symbols. Attunement.

So Eleven Eleven came and went. I celebrated with friends sending energy around the world. Did it help? Perhaps we’ll never know. At 11.11am many of us fell still. Silent. Peace always helps I’m sure of it. I love double numbers they feel very special. Particularly Twenty One Twenty One. I’ve also been noticing symbols […]

Harvesting. Not just for Farmers.

I’m ready to embark on another journey – up North! I’m so excited. Partly as it involves a train ride – which is the perfect opportunity to write, think and work. The other reason for delighting in the trip is to see friends and spend time in good company. The last time I went to […]

Punishment and Tests.

Sometimes we bring it on ourselves. After posting yesterday’s blog about listening, the Universe thought it very funny to test my resolve. I left home to walk to my yoga class, attentive and puffed up like a proud pigeon after posting my blog (WordPress always congratulate you after you press Publish with a positive adjective […]

Time and Other Unspeakable Things.

Today I’m heading to the studio to record more vocals. Every step brings the album a little closer to completion. I began recording in April. When you begin making an album, you begin with songs, intention and a vision. All of these things are unrelated to time. They simply take as long as they take. […]

High Line and Highlights.

My last few days in New York were magical. I guess you could say – I took them ‘off’. It was a great opportunity to take in the sights, the trip and reflect on what has been a most wonderful adventure! It’s been two years since I last visited NYC and I wondered why so […]

Rain and Pain.

Here are another two words ‘trapped nerve’. Not a great start to the day. The rain pounded down all night long. No sleep. I couldn’t move. The right side in spasm. Oh timing! I’m off to see the osteopath shortly. Anyway, this is an ongoing injury one I need to manage better. Softening the blow, […]

Good follows bad and so it goes on…

So the times are a-changing. Bob said it best. Firstly I received a letter from the parking officer – they let me off my parking ticket! Amazing what a friendly but stern letter can generate. Either way I am so grateful. It’s £50 for the US fund! Friends are now getting in touch to offer […]