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Tired and Broken.

  Dear friends and long suffering supporters!  So I have been busying myself with the following escapades – namely moving house. Randomly I have also played in an absinthe bar (supporting the great Lucky Jim) and shot a live music video video in a loft – no lie.  My wooden Buddha has suffered a broken […]


Precious Metals, Precious Moments.

Other than the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the flurry of Gold medals currently pouring in at the London 2012 Olympics – what else has been going on? In terms reaching goals and gaining accolades – these past few months have been unprecedented. In true form I give you a list – which is by no […]

High Line and Highlights.

My last few days in New York were magical. I guess you could say – I took them ‘off’. It was a great opportunity to take in the sights, the trip and reflect on what has been a most wonderful adventure! It’s been two years since I last visited NYC and I wondered why so […]

Cheers Boston, Hello New York.

Now it feels as though the time has passed by in a flash. My trip is almost over. Chakrafest was the perfect goodbye – a finalé of great music, new friendships and invitations to return. It was an honor to join such talent on the stage – so many names became realised in sound and […]

Warm. Hot. Hotter.

My trip here has been amazing. Things are hotting up. Averaging two gigs a day is taking its toll on my body – but… I’m loving it. Since my last posting I had the pleasure of joining Julie Dougherty at the Artists Row in Salem during the daytime. It was great to have some time […]

We’ve only just begun.

My favorite quote of the trip so far came from Stanley Swan at the Blue Taleh: “You know, Karen Carpenter had good chops”. I didn’t, but the first chance I get I’m gonna YouTube it! We toyed with the idea of playing Close To You but in the end we went with Summertime – homage […]

Feels Like Home.

There are woods at my back. I just saw my first baby squirrel. I’m here catching up with y’all – sharing my news. I’ve been playing everywhere I can. To get my music heard. Time is now pressing on, whereas it felt like a long stretch ahead – now it is nearing completion and soon […]

Under Salem’s Spell.

There is no blueprint for making miracles happen. Except for being open, available, receptive and grateful! That sounds like a cookin’ concoction any witch would be proud to have mixed up! I cannot say exactly what happened but with the help of Goddess Elle Gallo I found myself in the coolest place – Salem. Wow […]

People places, some familiar faces.

Hello Massachusetts! After the HELL of Friday – Saturday was a dream. To complete the last installment of my ‘biggest challenge yet’ – I picked up the smallest car available at the airport. A Fiat. I can just about fit the guitar in the boot. Or trunk depending on your persuasion. I chose the smallest […]

Eve Rising.

Last night I played my first New York gig – I guess I’ll always remember it. Like a first kiss. It was sweet and surprising. Special thanks to Gus and the LIC bar for making the event so enjoyable. I may have celebrated with a Corona… I played solo, of course, the very nature of […]