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What’s that? The sun.

It’s been a long time coming. We knew it was there. Then, behold – a miracle! The sun finally blessed us with its presence. Hoorah! Out comes the pale flesh and away goes the winter wardrobe. I can’t tell you how much happier I feel when the sun is shining. Any lights really – fairy […]

Precious Metals, Precious Moments.

Other than the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the flurry of Gold medals currently pouring in at the London 2012 Olympics – what else has been going on? In terms reaching goals and gaining accolades – these past few months have been unprecedented. In true form I give you a list – which is by no […]

Inner World Countdown

I felt the urge to blog and rather than over think it I decided to just do it. There must be news – it’s been over a month since my last post. I guess the focus is still very much on releasing my debut album Inner World and all that entails – artwork, promos, pr, […]

Angels in the North.

The clocks went back, I travelled a few hundred miles North, Halloween came and went and now it’s November. Surely time to rest up? Alas, work to complete the album continues as new songs beg to be born. I’ve come to realise my life is not the norm. I’ve been catching up with old friends […]

Harvesting. Not just for Farmers.

I’m ready to embark on another journey – up North! I’m so excited. Partly as it involves a train ride – which is the perfect opportunity to write, think and work. The other reason for delighting in the trip is to see friends and spend time in good company. The last time I went to […]

Making Sense of Everything.

I’m settling back into UK mode now. Yesterday I had a great meeting with Simon Janes of Homesick Recording Studios in Hove. Now it’s all about finishing the album – Inner World – which is sounding great! Before I left for my US Tour we produced a preview promo, showcasing four of the forthcoming tracks. […]

Be Brave. Decide.

It’s interesting to observe how much time and energy is wasted on indecision. We tie ourselves in knots over the ifs and buts and in the end nothing has changed. A decision has yet to be made. So my deliberation is over. It’s NYC. This Friday! Once I pressed BOOK IT – I felt huge […]

Album. Progress. Check.

Hello Folks. It’s been a long time! I wonder how many Blog entries start with an Apology? SORRY. There, now let’s begin on the fine reasons for my infrequent correspondence. Firstly I’ve been working on material for the album, and that’s a funny old business. Not linear at all. There’s a dance of distraction and […]

Change the Record

From my own collection, and to mark the unusual turn of political events, here is my top 10 Political Playlist.

X Marks the Spot

It’s been a fantastic week of new acquaintances, new opportunities and falling on my arse in public. Euston Station concourse to be precise. Yes, turns out my suede moccasin boots really are made for the desert. Smooth soles you could skate away on.