A blustery start to the year – flying roof tiles, cracking trees and the recycling had its own party on the street – welcome 2012! Not like a Brit to bang on about the weather? I couldn’t resist. Regardless, somehow it has been a fairly productive start to the year with new gigs booked and […]


I’m excited to be writing a new year wish to you all. It may just be the coffee – I’m on my third cup – I’m typing fast. It may also be because after the last 12 months I feel anything is possible and from the fruits of that 12 month labour comes my new […]

Twenty Eleven – what a year! I set two goals – record my full length album Inner World and tour America. Check! Was it tough, was it challenging, did I learn and grow? For sure! This year has been immense. Last night I played the final mixes to the band members who have been there […]

Since my last post, I’ve been busying myself in the studio finalising the last details on the album. That was until I fell sick and so the blog lapse occurred and for that, I apologise. However, I can almost breathe through both nostrils and therefore, I’m back. December is a month I love and wish […]

So Eleven Eleven came and went. I celebrated with friends sending energy around the world. Did it help? Perhaps we’ll never know. At 11.11am many of us fell still. Silent. Peace always helps I’m sure of it. I love double numbers they feel very special. Particularly Twenty One Twenty One. I’ve also been noticing symbols […]

The clocks went back, I travelled a few hundred miles North, Halloween came and went and now it’s November. Surely time to rest up? Alas, work to complete the album continues as new songs beg to be born. I’ve come to realise my life is not the norm. I’ve been catching up with old friends […]

I’m ready to embark on another journey – up North! I’m so excited. Partly as it involves a train ride – which is the perfect opportunity to write, think and work. The other reason for delighting in the trip is to see friends and spend time in good company. The last time I went to […]

Sometimes we bring it on ourselves. After posting yesterday’s blog about listening, the Universe thought it very funny to test my resolve. I left home to walk to my yoga class, attentive and puffed up like a proud pigeon after posting my blog (WordPress always congratulate you after you press Publish with a positive adjective […]

What a spectacular sunrise this morning. The alarm clock failed but somehow I still woke in time to catch it. Recording continues. More vocals added and the other musicians are lined up to complete the ‘icing’. This week as far as insight and learning goes, I feel very blessed to have been reminded to listen. […]

It’s fresh today. Cool air and low cloud. I’ve barely seen the ocean since coming home from America. I know it’s there, less than a mile away. I’ve been in the studio mostly. Recording final vocals for the album. Each day a step closer to completion. Tamas is the Sanskrit word. It has many meanings, […]