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Tired and Broken.

  Dear friends and long suffering supporters!  So I have been busying myself with the following escapades – namely moving house. Randomly I have also played in an absinthe bar (supporting the great Lucky Jim) and shot a live music video video in a loft – no lie.  My wooden Buddha has suffered a broken […]


Week Four. Weak For…

Finally I’m sat at my desk. I can actually see the desk – this is progress. Around me are the preliminary sketches that could form part of my album artwork. I’ve also been letter stamping all of the song titles by hand and enjoying every minute of it – satisfying the designer in me. I’ve […]

Angels in the North.

The clocks went back, I travelled a few hundred miles North, Halloween came and went and now it’s November. Surely time to rest up? Alas, work to complete the album continues as new songs beg to be born. I’ve come to realise my life is not the norm. I’ve been catching up with old friends […]

Bring it back. Sing It back.

Today it’s back to the studio to record more vocals. I hope I’m in good voice. Had lot’s of nice meetings yesterday but that’s a lot of talking! Anyway, all good progress. It looks like I’ll start my trip in NYC and end in Boston. I hope to meet and make friends along the way. […]

Album. Progress. Check.

Hello Folks. It’s been a long time! I wonder how many Blog entries start with an Apology? SORRY. There, now let’s begin on the fine reasons for my infrequent correspondence. Firstly I’ve been working on material for the album, and that’s a funny old business. Not linear at all. There’s a dance of distraction and […]

This is Not A Resolution

To me the sound of the woodpigeon is home. It reminds me of growing up in Essex, of woodland, open space and simplicity. So when I hear the familiar coo over the seagull’s screech it brings me back to myself with some clarity. I haven’t written for a while. January always creates a push-pull affect […]

Looking back

I’m not one of life’s whingers, I subscribe to a neat little motto GOWI. Get on with It! So I’m poorly, so what? More opportunity to write and post. My sense of smell is returning and the scent of pine from the blinged-up tree is a welcome aroma. I’m alive! I’m already thinking back over […]