Keeping Time

I’m practicing keeping time with a metronome and the constant beats have led to a headache. It seems I am resistant to any form of order. With the addition of my fingers hurting daily from the guitar playing (it doesn’t feel like ‘play’ at the moment) – I’m worried it’s becoming ‘work’.

London bound

My plans, ideas and goals are changing. I’m working on my writing in a new way. An exciting liberating way which I realise is back to how it all begun… I used to commute to London from Brighton every day. Lots of people do this! Nothing original in that. But. It gave me the time and space to write, which is how I rediscovered my love of the written word. I filled books with ramblings and slowly unpeeled the layers back to myself. I find the motion of train travel invigorating and the enforced isolation of the carriage, the distance and the will to write, a heady addictive concoction! One I’m happy to be returning to.

As I travel I move
As I move I am transformed
Transformation is the gift of consciousness
As I am moved
I am transformed

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