This is Not A Resolution

To me the sound of the woodpigeon is home. It reminds me of growing up in Essex, of woodland, open space and simplicity. So when I hear the familiar coo over the seagull’s screech it brings me back to myself with some clarity.

I haven’t written for a while. January always creates a push-pull affect in me. I want to get on with making this ‘the year’ and yet I’m weary and heavy with the load of the tasks ahead. But soon the whiff of February arrives signaling, all that can change. The year can really begin now.

I immerse myself with the usual things that occupy my day, guitar playing, practicing for gigs and feign writing until something slips through that’s real. This is ultimately a trick to get the words out. I use exercises like these in my writing workshops and participants seem equally startled by the outcome released from their own inner muse. So I’ve booked another date to run another workshop in March. Plenty of time to procrastinate over new material and worry over attendance. I’ve also booked a regular slot to play an intimate acoustic set at the fabulous Bull Inn in Ditchling. Log fires and candles supplied? This is my kind of setting.

I’ve decided to use my blog to ‘Brain Dump’ a few things in list format so I can keep track throughout the year and God willing, strike off a few as completed by the end of 2010. These are not resolutions but work in progress and a simple strategy to remind myself of all the things I actually achieve. In contrast to the usual self-bashing over the rest of list that becomes a ‘roll-over’ to the next year. Ho hum. Worth a shot?

As my work is simply an enquiry, investigation and exploration of the inner self I find myself permanently amused, amazed and lost in a seemingly endless supply of things to do/practice/learn/work on/understand… but it’s exciting, fulfilling and it’s the life I have chosen. It wasn’t always this way and perhaps it will change again to some sort of pattern of regularity and structure. In the meantime here are some of things I’m interested in right now:

1 Sanskrit – The language, form and sound – simply beautiful. It’s also the purist vehicle for Truth.

2 Synths – Korg, Roland, Casio, samples, beats and distinctive 80s melody – all playful and accessible.

3 Philosophy – The practical kind you can use as opposed to quoting Plato to look smart.

4 Drawing – Observation and creation, capturing a moment. This is what I aim to do with my songs.

5 Singing – It’s a great release and provides a satisfying portal for self expression, connection and creative output.

Whatever you decide to focus on this year, I hope it pleases you, fills you up with joy and brings about much happiness and fulfillment. For everything we don’t achieve, there’s always next year…

Here are the details for things coming up:


Sunday 7th February and Sunday 7th March
The Bull, Ditchling
8pm – 10pm

Saturday 27th March
The Kemp Town Bookshop Café

Writing Workshops:

Pushing Pen
Sunday 28th February
The Kemp Town Bookshop Café
11.30am – 2.30pm
£35 / £30 conc
Call to book on 01273 682110
Limited spaces. All materials and refreshments provided.

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