Change the Record

I must be the only musician with an antiquated stereo system. It’s so old it’s embarrassing. It’s a mish-mash collection including a donated cd player that skips, a Bass Woofer that does (to my mind) – nothing, the radio never picks up any signal but static noise. To top it all, the cd drawer opens and shuts when it feels like it. Poking its tongue out at me? All of this was created before USB, iPods and MP3s were even concepts on paper. Radical move, I’ve ditched it all and re-instated the record player!

So I’ve been dusting off the vinyl and loving the scratchy trip down memory lane. It beats tinny mp3s that’s for sure. I hear there’s a vinyl revival. I’m finally ahead of the trend. Let’s go retro!

So, from my own collection, and to mark the unusual turn of political events,
here is my Top 10 Political Playlist:

1 Let’s Stay Together, Roy Ayres
2 King Without a Crown, ABC
3 Elimination Dancing, Bow Wow Wow
4 Living on a Prayer, Bon Jovi
5 Stuck with You, Huey Lewis and the News
6 Since You Been Gone, Rainbow
7 Jealous Guy, Roxy Music
8 Work To Do, Average White Band
9 Jump Into The Fire, Nilsson
10 Don’t Stand So Close To Me, The Police

Leather pants, denim waistcoats and leg warmers, optional.

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