Mysteries and other Differences.

Goodbye RogerLast day in New York for a bit. I’m off to New Jersey! It’s been fun. Old friends, new friends, new songs in the mix, old ones on the iPod. I’m playing the new songs from the album. This is prime time to listen before the final touches are added in October. I’m thrilled with it.

I’ve checked out of the ‘Roger’ Hotel, managed to resist the basket of ‘not so complimentary’ goodies. Eight bucks for Jelly Beans?! Roger’s now bag-sitting for me whilst I hunt down a Post Office. I asked reception: What do you call a Post Office here? Postal Service Department Outlet Store? No. it’s a Post Office. Ho hum…

I’m taking the train to Dover In New Jersey, I’ll be meeting the lovely Sher – of Sher Delight radio fame. I can’t wait – I believe she first played The Brave Favour The Sea in 2007? An age ago anyway. I’m looking forward to seeing New Jersey. New Yorkers are mean about her! Why?! The social politics of a culture, a community are very different once amongst it. I’m learning a lot. Naturally it’s been a roller coaster of different experiences. I even found myself in front of an ironing board this morning, this is a new experience. Time to kill, clothes that look like Ruffles chips.

Last night I found myself at a Burlesque Night as you do, in East Village. I fell asleep wondering, how do the tassels stay on? Any ideas? I also wondered how the question of finding a guitar and the next place to crash would manifest. By the morning two of these questions were answered. I am so blessed. The tassels remain a mystery.

Home Grown Radio – Sher Delight Show:
Tune In and Turn On a Friend – no lie!


Here’s a rough itinerary if you are in the area get in touch ‘demand’ a Show*:

NJ – 12/13
NY – 14/15
BOSTON – 16 TO 26
MAINE – possibly in between…
NY – 2 to 5th

*not Burlesque! sorry!

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