Don’t Preach. Practice.

A turning point for playing soloTwenty Eleven – what a year! I set two goals – record my full length album Inner World and tour America. Check! Was it tough, was it challenging, did I learn and grow? For sure! This year has been immense.

Last night I played the final mixes to the band members who have been there since we began recording in April. I wouldn’t change a thing.

There’s no point pretending I had any certainties when I took the risk and leapt in – changing careers and pursuing a dream. I never knew it would lead me to where I am. But over the last five years I have consistently worked on my craft, practiced despite set backs and difficulties and finally, I have a body of work I’m proud of – and can’t wait to share. I have practiced to overcome the fear of playing solo driven by the desire to share my music, my message.

The message of Inner World is an acknowledgment of my pursuit of knowing my highest Self and connecting with the Source of all. I hope it inspires others to connect to their own inner world and by doing that see we are One and not separate at all.

Whatever the new year brings, remember you have the power to create it, you can change it and isn’t that brilliant? Be bold, and simply practice.

Peace, Joy and Gratitude xx


  1. Donna, you’ve done so well! I wish you continued success in 2012 and all the years to come.

  2. Nice blog Donna. Have a great christmas and I look forward to hearing the record in 2012

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