People places, some familiar faces.

Free cake!Hello Massachusetts! After the HELL of Friday – Saturday was a dream. To complete the last installment of my ‘biggest challenge yet’ – I picked up the smallest car available at the airport. A Fiat. I can just about fit the guitar in the boot. Or trunk depending on your persuasion. I chose the smallest car in the hope that I hit less with it. The roads are a nightmare. The GPS is designed to allow zero time to prepare for exits and says “Recalculating” a lot. Which translates as “You went the wrong way!!!” – plus the Highways are a total gamble.

Still, somehow (thank the angels, spirits, God and the fairies) I made it to the Days Hotel and out again the following morning to play Eve Rising – a celebration of Women in the Arts. What a great day it was. I played at 10am – shock to the system – then proceeded to watch a fantastic succession of talented men and women do their thang. It was a full line up of top talent from the likes of Lori Diamond, Carrie Rowan, Robin Lane and Diane Blue and many more besides…

Hats-off to Elle Gallo who made the whole thing happen. That woman has energy! not to mention her outstanding vocal abilities and song writing talent.

The best bit was meeting the people behind their Facebook profile pictures. New friends, old friends, real friends and future friends. I have been shown such kindness and generosity that I can only say THANK YOU SO MUCH. I had a blast. I should also mention I had my first interview for a local TV channel and signed my first Baseball – no lie!

Tonight, it’s a phone-in on Rock on Radio, 10pm EST, that’s 3am in the UK Folks!
Listen in on one of the many links:

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