High Line and Highlights.

My last few days in New York were magical. I guess you could say – I took them ‘off’. It was a great opportunity to take in the sights, the trip and reflect on what has been a most wonderful adventure!

It’s been two years since I last visited NYC and I wondered why so many tiny birds were in the city, I even saw a butterfly in the meatpacking district. The answer is The High Line, an elevated public park, 30 feet above Manhattan. Majestic to see nature bite back in a city.

So, reflecting. Planning gets you so far. Guts gets you further. I’m convinced I met some actual angels: Elle Gallo held me firmly under her wing, Perry Desmond Davies offered me shelter and more as did Sher Weston Stec and Jeneen Terrana. Julie Dougherty offered me gigs and tips, Gus Rodriguez introduced me to Queens! I made new friends (love ya Bob of Salem!), connected with fans, borrowed guitars, blogged when I could and enjoyed the rollercoaster from start to finish. The people I met remain the biggest highlight. I am truly blessed and eternally grateful.

Now I am back home in England. The cool air greeted me as an old friend at Heathrow airport and my next challenge was to beat the jet lag (ongoing!). After unpacking I settled in to the autumnal season with a feeling of satisfaction.

Naturally it’s taking time to readjust. For my body, I took a yoga class, for my heart and soul I joined Mahasukha and the soulful singing group. This week it’s all about refocusing on the album. I’m so excited to bring all I have learnt to the studio, the music and future performances. Still high.


One comment

  1. Ah, my lovely friend, YOU are also an angel to all of us as well! It was such a pleasure for us to meet and hang out with you, hear your amazing voice and music, and support you in your journey here. Guts and fearlessness have not only gotten you far, but also have paved the way for a sure success for your return!
    Can’t wait for the new CD to be finished…and to meet up with you again, hopefully in the spring on your side of the world :>

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